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To play Monopoly online for money, you first choose your game-piece whether it be the ship, the dog or the old boot the Monopoly game is yet to come! Roll the dice and find where you land. Then the choice is up to you if you want to purchase the property or send it to auction for other players. If other players land on your businesses, you get win real cash prizes! If you land on areas you already own, build your hotels quick! Hotels mean if any player lands on them, they pay the premium price, meaning you win real money jackpots! Once you own all properties in Monopoly and every player is bust, you win real cash prizes!

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To win cash playing Monopoly online, you should try to own all of the properties you land upon. This ensures other players land on your businesses in the long term, making you win real cash in Monopoly online! To win the cash jackpots online, all you have to do is up your game! This great game is an easy way to make you that extra cash, the monopoly way!