The Walking Dead – Series 5 Ep 10: Them Review


the walking dead cast

This episode continues from Tyreese’s death and the entire plot of this episode can be summed up in just a couple of sentences..

We watch the group as they each personally deal with the long road ahead of them and the deaths of characters gone by. The real grind of having to cope in the wild and day to day life (aka travelling and foraging for supplies) is more than highlighted in this episode. For the first time we see Daryl become emotional and scared, we see Maggie become near suicidal and the vicar give up hope in god.


Exciting end Series 5, Episode 10 The Walking Dead

Now whilst that is all well and good, background and depth to the characters blah, blah, blah.. that takes up a good 40 minutes or so of the 45 minute episode! To be honest, I feel as though this is another episode that could easily have been ‘blanketed’ across the rest of the series rather than just creating one dedicated to filler.

I was close to giving this a 7 out of ten simply because of the intrigue that the final 2 minutes provides the viewer. However, when rewinding and analysing my score, I could not justify how a filler with a great ending could get a respectable review. whilst I’m excited for the next episode (and always will be – huge fan of TWD here!), I just expect a bit more.



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