Movie reviews, a personal touch and a fresh blog

(Last Updated On: January 2015)

So lately I’ve been thinking, what is this blog actually doing? Is it here to advertise the products that the website hosts? Is it here to provide updates on what goings on are happening behind the scenes? Well I’ve come to the conclusion, none of those.


So in case you don’t know, That’s Your Best Bet is a one man band. Slowly evolving step by step as it rather ungracefully wanders in to the wide world of the internet. So yes, being a one man band and everything means that there isn’t always blog posts to mention and the biggest thing holding back work on the site is TIME.

No, not the magazine…


Instead of focusing on ‘getting higher in the SEO’, I’ve changed my mind on what this blog should be. Some of you may know that I’ve slowly started to incorporate parts of my YouTube channel into this site and now I’m going a bigger step further.

Back in the day, I mean wayyy back.. I started a movie review blog. I totally forgot about it until recently, where you can find it here – Movie Fetish, was uncovered in a heap of old backups I made. I’ve always had an interest in reviewing the movie titles and TV episodes and have a host of review scores on my IMDB account, so why not put it into writing once again?


So what I’m currently thinking is to take my reviews from IMDB scores to ‘pen to paper’ in the modern day. So expect movie reviews in a cool TYBB way to hit the blog soon…


Whether you agree with what I have to say or if you think movies should stay as their own thing, let me know in the comments.