Jurassic Park Movie Reviewed.. 22 Years Later!

(Last Updated On: February 2015)

jurassic park dinosaur chaseNow, one of the main reasons I wanted to make a movie reviews blog was because of my utter lack of movies I’ve watched in my time gone by as a 22 year old. Heck, before 2014 I hadn’t seen any of Die Hard, Top Gun, Lion King, Aladdin, Star Wars, Back to the Future, The Great Escape… I could go on! (So I will.. Breaking Bad, Walking Dead…)

And Jurassic Park was one of those films that I just hadn’t seen yet! Yes, what have I been doing with my time I hear you cry! Video games.


Jurassic World is due out for the summer and the trailer just looked so awesome that I had to go and make a conscious effort to watch the original from 1993 to see what I’ve been missing. Last night I did, so here’s an honest review from someone that hasn’t seen the film.


Build up for Jurassic World

First off, the CGI in this film is insane. The dinosaurs at first seem to be a bit old fashioned when you first stumble upon the island with the billionaire but you soon get used to the technology they had to use in 1993. Samuel L Jackson and the fat guy from Space Jam were surprise appearances for me as workers for Jurassic Park and I liked that you never really knew what the main storyline actually was.

The small team of technical staff manning the fort before the torrent of actual paying visitors arrive are unhappy with the work relationships which leads one of them to steal dinosaur DNA to auction in the black market. When his escape goes horribly wrong, it only means peril for the once secure centre for this dinosaur park.

You follow the specialists who were picked up from an excavation site who are taking around the billionaires children on the automated tour of the park. When the electricity goes down, everything falls to bits. I liked how they were able to interact with the herbivores and saw some really spectacular set pieces. The idea that the dinosaurs have become intelligent because of the genetics behind getting them back to life was a really interesting too.


Amazing CGI + Easy to Follow Storyline = Classic

This film is amazing and from early on I knew I’d be going out to see Jurassic World in the cinema when it’s released. Small references I took away from the 2015 trailer that linked to this film made me even more excited like the live cow being dropped in for dinosaur food! In all, I can’t recommend this enough. The storyline is original, simple to understand and an all round joy to spend your time on.