The Walking Dead – Series 5, Episode 9 Reviewed

(Last Updated On: April 2016)

the walking dead wallpaperAs with every review, I go in-depth into what has actually happened on the show or movie. In the special case of The Walking Dead (one of my favourite all time TV series), I’d like a spoilers claxon to go off anytime I review. I’d like to first of all say, that I don’t know anything (or have gone into anything) that goes on beyond this episode – so you’re safe to read if you’ve just finished the 9th episode, series 5 of The Walking Dead :).


So having read through the first compendium and a tad of the second, I knew Tyreese was a character just waiting to be killed off at the opportune moment. This was not it.

This entire episode is about that sole moment that happens, Tyreese being bit by a walker. Tyreese, an experienced member of the crew, would not have easily fell for the ploy that the writers had set. Being bit by a ‘ninja zombie’ as others have said is just not his style of dying.

Nothing much happens!

Throughout this episode, I felt like I was dying. His death was dragged out for way too long also. I expected so much more from the return of Season 5. I wanted to see how the writers can come up with something creative as to where the group goes next, but not this. Maybe the series will start to drop off from this point onward? Their intentions to possibly go to Washington anyway seems like a ludicrous decision..but heck, this series ain’t no Breaking Bad.

It’s no Breaking Bad…

How on earth this episode has an average of 8.9 on IMDB stuns me, must surely be people who were simply excited for its return. I gave it a 7 and expect the average reviews to simmer around that mark when the buzz dies down.