Spring Breakers Review

(Last Updated On: April 2015)

spring breakers reviewBoobs, tits, funbags, *insert your own breast pun here*, Spring Breakers is ‘that film’. Starring the likes of Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez, Spring Breakers sets the tone from the very start as to what to expect throughout the 90 minute or so runtime.

The party atmosphere is alive and kicking in the spring break – that us folk over in the UK have nothing of its kind. All of the college-goers are partying it up on the hot beaches of the USA. Boobs are everywhere. Drink, booze and boobs is the entire tone of the film, maybe I should have said ‘sex, drugs, rock and roll’ to better suit.

You follow a group of 4 Spring Breaker girls who are living it up in the American Dream lifestyle that Spring has to offer the americans. They do all they can to fund their antics away from home, funding all the parties, drugs and booze. You quickly realise that the girls won’t stop at anything – holding up cashiers for cash and the whole shabbang, these girls are criminals.


*Insert breast pun here*

The story of the film doesn’t really progress all that much, you follow how each of the girls find the experience of partying it up as they listen to new upcoming DJ sets. Taking drugs and making the most of booze-filled orgies, the four girls are having the time of their life. This is until the police bust the girls taking drugs and are taken to court (somehow still in skimpy bikinis). Whilst the court is coming up with a sentence, the up & coming DJ (Alien, played by James Franco) bails them out. Unsure on his intentions (he is a total stranger to them at this point), you find the least outgoing of the girls tail off from the foursome when they have travelled to his place where more drug taking, partying and sex is taking place in a different ethnicity of people.

You watch as the group fractures up losing their first member (Selena Gomez) who goes home after it all comes too much. The others stay and you see how Alien takes the girls for his own advantages as he incorporates them into his own criminal life. There is a pretty cool scene where the girls have two loaded guns in his mouth in a weirdly erotic set in his bedroom, a trigger pull away from death which Alien finds so exhilarating.


Boobs Make This Film Good

Alien, somewhat of a figure with all of his loot, drugs, guns and violent memorabilia is targeted for an attack by another member of the hood. In a crossfire, one of the girls is shot and the remaining two (along with Alien) seek revenge. This leads up to a final shoot out where pretty casually, Alien is killed off like it is nothing. Literally, me sitting watching the film on Netflix almost missed him dying off because of all the chilled background music and how the lack of reaction from the girls further defines their characters. Spring Breakers ends with a partying tone as the girls kill off the hoodlum and reap his money.

I found myself watching this film primarily as background TV whilst doing other tasks. A lot of the film is samey and I would have liked to have seen more in a way of character development, a bit of background information on each of the characters and some depth. I did enjoy the film, don’t get me wrong – boobs make this film good. The lack of any sort of emotion getting off the sofa after the film made me feel like it is a film isn’t an essential watch. I want films to envoke some sort of reaction through watching and Spring Breakers didn’t deliver. There’s ups and downs to this movie which could perhaps have been squeezed into a shorter film. It was enjoyable (boobs!), so I give Spring Breakers a 4/10.