Big Hero 6

(Last Updated On: February 2015)

So when I first saw that there was going to be a big Disney film for 2015, I was excited and put it on my IMDB watchlist instantly. Now, in February just a few days after release I’ve made the effort to watch another Disney film.


Big_Hero_(film)_poster_003So just by looking at the title alone, I’d have no clue what this film is about. But by seeing advertisements and a few trailers on the tele, I kinda know this is about an alien, friendly character. Early on into the film, you realise the film is very much about techies and hard work.

The main character is in fact a robot, created by Tadashi Hamada, the brother of Hiro, the main character. You follow Hiro as he tries to join a scientific research company that are able to produce such scientific marvels like Baymax, the first aid robot.

You follow Hiro in the first third of the film trying to perfect his Microbots, small individual flexible agents that are able to bind together with other such robots to produce a greater marvel. The individual agents are able to flock through the power of thought and it’s impact on the world is to be so great that the technology show are over-awed. Two potential investors put forward the idea of buying the robots from Hiro, but this is swiftly dismissed.

Big Hero 6, what on earth does it mean?!

To cool down, the brothers take a break after the show where suddenly a fire erupts in the centre. Going back to save Professor Robert Callaghan, the building blows up with Tadashi inside. All he leaves is the Baymax he created back at home and Hiros microbot creation is destroyed.

You see a period of time pass where Hiro is down and depressed about the loss, until Baymax comes alive out of nowhere and the film starts to roll. You follow their journey as they find that one of Hiro’s remaining Microbots is trying to connect to the others, which leads them on to the mysterious enemy of the movie.

The masked villain has all of the microbots at his peril and Hiro summons the scientists from Tadashi’s workplace to help him defeat it. Using their skills, they make themselves superheroes which only further influences the message of this film – work hard at what you’re good at.


Who is the villain here?

Eventually, they defeat the masked villain toward the end of the film in a dramatic scenery of destruction with teleporters. Baymax sacrifices himself to save Hiro in a truly emotional scene. Baymax made the film entertaining and their relationship that blossomed was a great sight for movie lovers. The enemy turns out to be Professor Robert Callaghan, out seeking revenge for the death of his daughter against the other guy who tried bribing Hiro.

The change from a normal guy to a villain for the professor was heartfelt as it was the death that caused his personality to switch and you can understand where he is coming from. But overcoming such demons for the main character, Hiro, was exactly what he got through and was able to be past those sad times!

So overall, this is a cool film about techies who have a passion for making really cool things that turn them into superheroes. Big Hero 6 brings Disney films into the modern day with also teaching the kids a valuable lesson. Chase your dreams, make the most out of what you can do and you can conquer the world, making friends along the way.


Big Hero 6 for me gets a solid 9/10. The flaws in this film only come through the confusion that the viewer gets fully understanding who the villain is – which totally got me confused at the end of it all thinking ‘who is the actual enemy here’ and ‘is it enough to turn into a villain just because of the daughter thing’? There are a few plot holes, like why wouldn’t you go for the billionaire investment but in all this is a well produced film that gets the emotions running. Great film.