Welcome to the home of a game I’m currently mid-development of. If you don’t follow my YouTube channel, then you should be aware that this game will have bugs!



Click here to play the game!

(I’m working on getting it embedded with no sound bugs)


Arrows to move plane

Spacebar to shoot

R to reload

Enter to shoot special bullet (versus second boss or via pickup)


Latest Release Notes


0.5 – Happy Easter Egg Hunting!

This update was released for Easter 2015 and has a couple of easter eggs for you to find! Enjoy the game as I dissect what’s been added at the halfway point to release!

  • Touch controls fixed (app coming Dec 2015!)
  • iPhone App made!
  • Typical code cleaning…
  • Changed how levels were handled when the game rage quit or died
  • iPhone mute switch programmed in
  • Fonts have been embedded into the game so you no longer have boring fonts if you’re not on a Mac!
  • Levels menu has been debugged so first level is always ready to pick up and play
  • THIS WAS A BIGG’UN. I couldn’t get the sound to work on any device other than a developer PC. Long story short – I fixed sound for iOS and Android. Turned out to be a bit harder to fix website game so temporarily you guys have to click on the link to play in a window instead of embedded into the desired web page. Effing hard that one.
  • A SECOND SHIP HAS BEEN INTRODUCED TO THE GAME, A HELICOPTER. There is a new ships menu that has just been thrown together for the meanwhile where locks are in place to segregate what the player can play as. Helicopter is unlocked when the first boss is defeated and an onscreen popup appears when this occurs too.
  • Deleted the call to the gameover voice file.
  • Fixed the animation of game sprites when the user paused/unpaused or quit the game.
  • Touchpanels have been included for the player to see how to play the game on a phone/tablet.
  • Reload splash takes a little longer to appear on screen
  • Player can’t tell when they are reloading if the device is muted. Changed so reloading text appears and disappears to resolve this.
  • Startup sound starts too early now that there is a That’s Your Best Bet startup splash.
  • Main menu UI has been changed to be better adapted to mobile devices. Will need tweaking though.
  • Animation of that’s your best bet logo with games splatting from a 3d distance starts before the main menu is presented has been added.
  • Perhaps the biggest addition to the game for this version (again, of many). CONSUMABLES HAVE BEEN ADDED TO THE GAME, 8 VARIETIES IN TOTAL. Some of them are bad ones to collect, but majority of them good. Better graphics are needed later when I’d expect to have custom icons for each consumable pickup.
  • Muzzle flashes added
  • Made a button that appears from the bottom of the screen when the player has some special bullets to use. This means it appears when collected via a box or when playing the second boss by coming from the bottom of the screen
  • Clicking the pause or special bullet button on screen now works. Used to only work for touch.
  • Made a fix for upgrade tokens calculation after realizing a problem with a second ship and the mystery easter egg.
  • Swiping has been fixed in the touch version of the game. Also removed a bug that made shooting weird when swiping in game.
  • The back button on Android devices has been programmed to only pause the game when the game is playing. If it isn’t then user exits the game as expected.
  • Seeing as it’s easter, I added the first (hopefully of many) easter eggs to the game. Go find it!



0.4 – The Bonus Update

This one’s another biggie so beware if you’re about to read through all these boring release notes! Also, please note that this game is cross-platform for mobile and PC gaming (so some updates won’t be affecting you PC gamers)!

  • Back button on Android has been programmed to be customised and bring up pause menu
  • Changed how the versioning and credits of the game were presented
  • Rage quitting a game now brings up a (rather cool) confirm rage menu
  • The highest level you get to is now permanently remembered so you don’t have to replay levels you have already completed if you don’t want to
  • Fixed a bug where upgrades menu wouldn’t appear because player was able to still control plane when moving across screen
  • Fixed minor UI bug where explosions would stop and appear above the upgradesmenu till next level was started
  • Tweaks to the shake to reload and touchscreen controls were made so they only ‘listen for a touch/shake’ when the game is on (not in menu or app is closed and draining battery).
  • Fixed another bug where friendly bullets go over the top of the upgradesmenu when its spawned in
  • The second page of the upgradesmenu wasn’t actually saving or doing any of the upgrades.
  • Upgrade tokens weren’t being reset when the player reset the game.
  • The background of the third level (have you got there yet!?) was going backwards
  • Going back from the options menu felt wrong as it made the whole animation start over
  • Changed the aliencraft logo on the pause and upgrades menu so it no longer has a glow, just a shadow that makes game more slick
  • Options menu in the main menu is now different from the pause menu (pause menu is a bit pointless on main menu because you can’t rage at a main menu!).
  • Player now has a much better tilting effect when moving. Looks insane and opens the game up to much better professionalism with graphics
  • Fixed the control upgrade option for it to work as planned instead of making the ship go mad and skew across entire game
  • Removed the copyright on the main menu of the game as it’s not really needed
  • Changed up the app icon (which I’ll continue to do till I’m happy with one)
  • Cleaned up a lot of the instructions code so it now appears in the options menu when the player pauses the game
  • Fixed cosmetic issues when a player restarts a game re:upgrades.
  • Changed the background song to a much more appropriate one – an 8 bit funky tune!
  • Sounds have been added to every little thing, like whenever a bullet is shot by any enemy, when the player shoots, when the boss has been defeated  + when they shoot (always been this way), when an option is selected on the pause menu, when a swipe action is made and when a player adds to their upgrades. IT’S AN INSANE GAME NOW!
  • Calls to making the game landscape have been added (although don’t really work 100% just yet)
  • Movement has been tweaked to be slightly less after some testing on tablet.
  • Fixed an issue with the pause function not being able to work on PC
  • Fixed a bug where reading the instructions would disable the ability to use the touch controls in the game.
  • Bonus score that ticks down the longer the user takes, and is then added when boss dies has been implemented
  • Fixed a bug relating to upgrade tokens being added is really high because of the bonusscore addition
  • Fixed another bug related to bonus scoring and boss spawning
  • Fixed an audio problem where star sounds would play despit not being applied to the game. This also streamlined some coding.



0.3 – A Bug’s Life

  • Reloading sound fixed, used to have an echo
  • Touchscreen controls added! (App coming soon!!!!!!)
  • Background stops moving when the game is paused
  • Small graphic changes
  • Unlocking levels has its own sound
  • Fixed a crash that happens when second level is completed
  • Fixed a bug where upgrade tokens would have differing values in the two pages
  • Fixed a couple of bugs with boring upgrademenu things… #YouDontNeedToKnow
  • Fixed special bullets against the mario boss so you can now collect more than one and pummel the F out of the man
  • Upgrading bullet speed now works, it goes very fast. Also fixed a bug that caused game to crash when this was maxxed out
  • A new upgrade option added to speed up the delay between each bullet being shot
  • Upgrades reset when the player now restarts the game
  • Game repeatedly made the explosion sound if the game is paused. The fix has stopped everything from animating when the game is paused.
  • Prevented more than 3 enemies from appearing at once
  • Slowed the speed down of the special bullet mario fires so player can obtain it without having to take a hit
  • The third and final level (congrats if you get there!) has been tweaked so the enemies shoot less often.
  • The third level has also been tweaked so they have more health
  • Better levels menu graphics
  • Ability to unlock levels and remembering your highest level complete has been tweaked
  • The third level when selected from levels menu has been tweaked to fix a game-breaking bug regarding bullet capacity.



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